A Sea Change – Imagine a World Without Fish” is a recently released documentary film about ocean acidification, the little-known ugly sister of global warming. The film website www.aseachange.net explains it “… aims not only to educate viewers about the science of our rapidly-changing oceans, but also to engage them on accessible terms.”
The full film was shown to the European Geosciences Union 2009 conference on 27 April 2009, a podcast of which is available here. After a 2 minute introduction, the film lasts for 19 minutes followed by an illuminating question and answer session.

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2 Responses to A world without fish – what would it take?

  1. Just one thing to add, as Outreach Coordinator for A Sea Change. The complete documentary is actually 84 minutes long. We screened an excerpt of the film at the EGU.

  2. Thanks for letting us know Angela. The excerpt shown at EGU should generate a lot of interest. We’ll look forward to seeing the entire documentary.

    Congratulations on it.

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