Here is a great podcast recorded at the Sydney Institute – well worth a listen. Ian Dunlop, formerly a senior oil, gas and coal industry executive and now chair of Safe Climate Australia debates climate change with Ray Evans, former engineering academic and now Secretary of the Lavoiser Group.


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One Response to Carbo-phobe or a denialista?

  1. Matt Andrews says:

    Ian Dunlop acquitted himself very well, though he could have been stronger and more specific on the scientific detail: my impression was that he presented the level of scientific confidence on some basic questions to be much more equivocal than it is. He let Evans get away with a string of utterly false claims.

    What a hopelessly weak performance from Ray Evans! No scientific case of any substance at all. A large soup of irrelevancies, mixed with a cup of straw men, and spiced up with a handful of downright false statements. Just goes to show how bereft of scientific argument the Greenhouse Mafia (of which Evans is a key member) really is.

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