There is a great (free!) new iphone app for John Cook’s awesome SkepticalScience website.  It lists common denier canards and explains why they are rubbish (in a polite, rationale way).  It is the perfect app for those of you with denier relatives (check), friends (check), facebook aquatances (check) and grouchy-retired-exoilindustrygeologist-colleagues (check) who think a few cold days in Key West negate a century of global warming, e.g., link.

John is getting lots of press (e.g, here and here) for this leap forward in this enjoyable rationale debate of minor importance, so why not join the bandwagon.  I can’t wait to see the “skeptic” apps!  Any predictions what they will look like?


3 Responses to The new SkepticalScience iphone app: perfect for rebutting cranky misinformed deniers like Gene Shinn

  1. Mark Eakin says:

    Very handy, John!

  2. MarcH says:

    Looking forward to see it referred to as an authority in the next IPCC report.

    “We’re all doomed because I-phone told us so.”

  3. John B says:

    Funny Mark H! And I must confess to being a worshiper of all things apple…

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