Here is a bit of plain speaking on the post below from Matt England on the ABC.

MATTHEW CARNEY: So in your view, is it hard empirical evidence that CO2 was the driver and today is the driver of global warming?

MATTHEW ENGLAND: It is absolutely clear evidence that carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases are required to explain the de-glaciation, absolutely. You cannot explain the Ice Age cycles without the warming capacity of greenhouse gases so this is very clear evidence of their role in our climate and of course for today’s increasing greenhouse gases, very clear evidence that they do affect our climate on massive scales.

MATTHEW CARNEY: So what does it mean for today’s debate?

MATTHEW ENGLAND: Oh, there is no debate in terms of the role of greenhouse gases in climate. If anybody says there is a debate they are either unaware of simple facts of physics or they are outright lying so it is another piece of evidence.



2 Responses to Plain speaking from Matt England

  1. Phil M says:

    Ove, I see Matt is on tonights ABC show “I can change your mind about climate change”.

    What is with all the conservative lobbyists & politicians on the show? Seems a bit stacked. Lomborg? Nova? Evans? Morano? Sheesh…what the?

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